Nature, man and landscapes

Henri Rougier

  • Discover the vision of a passionate in a richly illustrated book
  • Learn about the challenges of a small but dynamic region
  • Access the most thorough information about the high summits of the Alps
  • Find out how Zermatt interacts with the best known mountain in the world: the Matterhorn

The aim of this book is to present the geographical aspects of a little region unequalled anywhere in the Alps. There is more to the world of Zermatt than the pair consisting of the village and its emblematic mountain, the Matterhorn. What is remarkable is the transformation over time of a little mountain peasant village into a world-renowned tourist resort. Perhaps nowhere else is there a finer example of the interface between man and nature, reflecting a deep respect for the environment.


20.00 CHF


Édition 2018

Format 19 x 25 cm

Pages 88

Réf 935023

ISBN 978-2-606-01731-6


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To the Reader...
Welcome to Zermatt
Nature and Space
A Landscape of a Thousand and One Facets
The Matterhorn: One of a Kind
An Incomparable Geology Lesson
Glaciers, the Mountains’ White Finery
The Walser in Zermatt: A Rich Cultural Heritage
The Walser Circuit: From One Hamlet to the Next
Zermatt: Big Village or a Small Town?
A Site Created by the Dictates of Nature
The Railway’s Enormous Contribution
Progression of Habitat and Changing Landscape
A Beacon of World Tourism
The Gifts of Nature
Not to be missed!
The Spirit of Place
How to See and Love Zermatt
A Few Words in Parting

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