Swiss Democracy in a Nutshell

Mix & Remix,

Vincent Golay

  • An accessible, illustrated introduction to Switzerland’s unique form of democracy
  • Translated from the French
  • Winner of the Albert Oeri Democracy Prize

Written by well-known comedian and political scientist Vincent Kucholl, and illustrated by Mix & Remix, this book is both for those new to Switzerland as well as anyone who would like to finally understand direct democracy, political parties, or what goes on in Bern.

Swiss Democracy in a Nutshell

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Édition 2014

Format 17,5 x 23,5 cm

Pages 96

Réf 999711

ISBN 978-3-905252-63-7


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State and Constitution
What is a State?
What is a Constitution?
Citizen rights and duties
Personal freedoms

Political rights and electoral system
Political rights
Rights particular to Switzerland
Political parties
Pressure groups

What is a democracy?
Different forms of democracy

What is federalism?
From alliance to unitary State
Three levels of political authority
Who does what
The 26 cantons

Three powers
Separation of powers
Legislative power: the Chambers
Composition of the Chambers
Parliamentary vocabulary
Legislative process
Executive power: Federal Council
Executive power: 7 departments
Judicial power: the courts

The role of the State
State and society
State and economy
Public finance
Neutrality and foreign policy
European Union
EU and Switzerland

Glossary and Index

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