Atlas of Vertebrates

From their origins to today

Arthur Escher,

Robin Marchant

  • The fruit of over 15 years of overview and research based on specialized scientific literature
  • A detailed family tree of vertebrates readily accessible to the general public
  • 15 plates showing vertebrate evolution through 500 million years
  • More than 1,300 species illustrated and listed
  • Poster included

This atlas offers a wide selection of fossil vertebrates and corresponding extant representatives, tracing probable connections from their origins to the present day. Each plate of illustrations guides us progressively through the temporal changes that have engendered all existing vertebrate forms.

The evolutionary links highlighted in this book reflect an evolutionary path of over 500 million years, from the ancestor common to all vertebrates – a tiny jawless fish – to both its fossilized and living legacy today. This unique pedagogical document is essential for understanding animal evolution in general and vertebrates in particular.

Atlas of Vertebrates

45.00 CHF


Édition 2019

Format 31 x 33 cm

Pages 40

Réf 935597

ISBN 978-2-606-01788-0


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Atlas des vertébrés - Poster

Atlas des vertébrés - Poster

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Atlas des vertébrés

Atlas des vertébrés

De leurs origines à nos jours